Thanks for the help!

By Phill Chivers 

For the last six weeks or so, we have been working hard to try to get this blog up and running successfully. Recently, it has become a huge hit, receiving over 600 views and over 250 in one day. Because of this huge success, the blog will hopefully continue for many more years.

 However, none of this could have been achieved without the help of Paul Hurst and Tony Smith, who have helped us to improve our creative writing skills, as well as showing us the IT side of things, such as how to use the blog and how to post. Without their help and the facilities available to us, we would never have been able to achieve what we have done so far.

For the first few weeks, we discussed the elements of blogs and newspapers and how they are both different and similar in various ways. We also discussed how creative writing is used in the media and how we can use jounalistic styles to benefit the work in our blog.

After a while though, the inevitable happened. We actually had to start the writing and learn how to post on our blog. There were varying degrees of success in this and we ended up with some of our posts being unreadable due to font problems. Once we overcame these difficulties, we were flying. Posts coming up everywhere, making it hard for Tony and Paul to keep up. We did however, have to discuss the terms of safety on the internet and came up with a list of rules to try to ensure the online safety of all pupils and staff at St. Peter’s.

The huge success of what we have been doing is largely down to the help we received from Paul and Tony, so on behalf of the blogging team, we would like to thank you for helping us and hope you can come back in the future, when our blog is one of the most successful on the web (hopefully).


7 responses to “Thanks for the help!

  1. I think youve all done really well with your blog …… well done!!!

  2. this was a great week for all us bloggers. thanks for all the help you’ve given us!

  3. Mark Webster 9.5/10.5

    well done phil you’ve done a great blog!!

  4. well done philip that is the best blog i hav ever seen

  5. Alex Calderbank

    Well done son!

  6. Nat peaston [DTlover]

    I wouldn’t have even known how to put a blog together if it werent for you two so thanks for helping (and making my friends jealous).

  7. well done phillip you’ve really impressed me with your blog!

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